Resolution Changer APK – Latest Version 2024 Update

Resolution Changer is an application to easily change the Android screen resolution so that the gaming experience is maximized.

In heavy games, sometimes the performance displayed feels less than smooth because the image resolution is too high so that the processor seems forced to do extra work.

The solution, you can use this third party application to lower the resolution of your cellphone screen so that the game is lighter.


With detailed screen resolution and DPI setting features, Resolution Changer is widely used by developers who want to test their applications on various cellphone screen sizes.

Overall, the application offers an easy way to overcome games that are slow due to too high resolution and improve the visual experience on the user’s Android.

Features and Advantages of Resolution Changer
Download Resolution Changer to get the following interesting features:

Change Screen Resolution
Even though the high screen resolution is pleasing to the eye, in some scenarios, the games played become slow. To overcome problems like this, you can reduce the resolution of your cellphone screen using Resolution Changer.

Set Density
Apart from the resolution, this application allows users to adjust the density of their Android cellphone screen. Through this feature, you can determine how dense the screen pixels are.

Sharpen Graphic Quality
With freely adjustable screen resolution and density, you have full control in determining how sharp the graphic quality you want to display when playing games. On a fast processor, you can increase the quality to the highest level.

Make Power Consumption More Economical
For processors that are not agile enough to run heavy games, forcing a high resolution will actually waste battery and of course slow game performance. The solution is to lower the screen resolution so that power consumption is more efficient through this application!

Suitable for Testing Applications
Are you making an application? Before you’re ready to launch, do a number of application tests on different cellphone screen ratios using Resolution Changer!

PC required
To run this application, you need a PC. Connect your cellphone to your PC, then run the command prompt to start execution.

Reset to Default Settings
After changing the screen resolution and DPI, you can still return it to the default settings easily here.

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