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Do you like watching movies? One of the activities when relaxing that is often done is watching films. Nowadays you don’t need to open a computer or laptop if you want to enjoy your favorite films. Just watch it on your smartphone and you can get various recommendations for the best films.

But sometimes you need to download the movie. Here you need a downloader application that offers convenience in downloading the films you want. There are many selected applications available.

But make sure you choose the best application whose quality has been proven. One such application is VidMate. Through this application, you can download various films that you want.

Download VidMate

Basically, VidMate is a downloader application for videos and music. You can easily download videos via YouTube or other platforms. No need to take complicated steps to get the video you want.

VidMate Features and Benefits
Currently, there are also quite a lot of VidMate users. This application developed by UCWeb offers several interesting things for its users. Reportedly, VidMate has been downloaded more than 600 million times. Its users are also spread from various countries.

One thing that makes it widely used is its simple appearance. Users have no difficulty using VidMate even though they have never tried it before. Some of the mainstay features found in VidMate include:

  1. Supports High Resolution
    There are certainly many applications that make it easy to download videos. However, not all of these applications support downloading high resolution videos. For that, you need to use VidMate.

This application offers high resolution video downloads. So the video you download later has a clear display and is not blurry.

  1. Download Faster
    Download speed is a factor that should not be ignored. Many people are annoyed and give up their intention to download videos because the download time is long. It’s different when you use VidMate.

You can download your desired videos in less time. In fact, this application reportedly offers download speeds of up to 200% compared to when you use other applications.

  1. Resume Download
    During the download process, you may need something urgent. Then you have to delay the download process. With VidMate, you can continue the download process without having to start over. Just continue and you will successfully download the video or music.

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