ppsc junior clerk solved paper pdf-held on 16-10-2022

ppsc junior clerk solved paper pdf-held on 16-10-2022

junior-clerk bps-11 ppsc completely solved paper with pdf

  1. Resolution of Pakistan-1940.
  2. Quaid Azam was buried in Karachi.
  3. Allama Iqbal started his education in London in which year-1905.
  4. Warsak dam is on which river-Kabul river.
  5. Pakistan shares a border of 2250km with which country – Afghanistan.
  6. 1USA Gallon in Litre= 3.785.
  7. Alexandra the great was king of – Macedonia.
  8. The only metal is – copper
  9. Haemodialysis is used for – blood cleaning.
  10. Fish are kept together in – an aquarium.
  11. President of Pakistan to head non-align movement meeting was—- Zia ul Haq 1986 Harare.
  12. In Pakistan census occurs after- 10 years.
  13. The last viceroy was—Mount batten.
  14. The first president of the all-India Muslim league was – sir agha khan.
  15. Polio disease is caused by—a virus.
  16. Photosynthesis is occurred through—chlorophyll.
  17.  The largest natural lake in Pak is – Manchar Lake.
  18. Shimla’s agreement date is –1972.
  19. Ctrl+ right arrow key is used to move the cursor—one word right.
  20. In computers deleted items are placed in – recycle bin.
  21. BCD code has how many bits — 4 bits.
  22. Which of the following is an input device – scanner?
  23. The largest glacier in Pakistan is – Siachen.
  24. The Father of local government is — lord Rippon.
  25. Who was the viceroy when the first census in the subcontinent occur – lord mayo?
  26. The currency of Malaysia is— Malaysia rigged.
  27. Which is not an application software – Entertainment software.
  28. Which dispute between Pakistan and India – Kashmir.
  29. Date of the treaty of serve – 1920.
  30. When the league of Nations found – on 10 January 1919.
  31. Fidel Castro was the president of – Cuba.
  32. Headquarters of the organization for economic corporation and development is in — Paris.
  33. The microprocessor is used for – the functioning of the CPU.
  34. Blue moon — very rarely.
  35. Antonym of deny— acknowledge.
  36. Poke once a nose — to interfere or get involved in other matters.
  37. antonym of backward is— developed.
  38. Landscape and portrait are — page orientation.
  39.  How much ghaznavi attack on India — 17.
  40. Port of Alexandra in which country — Egypt.
  41. Muhammad bin Qasim conquered Sindh in 712.
  42. The largest computer is – a mainframe computer.
  43. Presentation is presented by — MS PowerPoint.
  44. For calculation, we use MS software — MS excel.
  45. Anonym of the ordeal is — Happiness.
  46. Soap and detergents are used to clean dirt from clothes — lowering interfacial tension.
  47. The age of Akber at the time of the king was — 13 years.
  48. 2nd round table conference held in — September 1931 to December 1931.
  49. 2nd world war broke out during the reign of which viceroy – lord Linlithgow.
  50. web authoring tools to incorporate – sound, hyperlinks, and text.
  51. Which computers were used for medium organizations/servers — mini-computer?
  52. Which computers use for personal use –microcomputers.
  53. Side with — to agree/support.
  54. To connect two clauses we can use — conjunction.
  55.  What —- the price of this book last year — was.
  56. PH of milk is —6.5 to 6.7.
  57. Name of the grand mufti of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia having supreme authority – sheik Abdul Aziz.
  58. Keyboard, monitor, and printer are added in which generation – 3rd generation.
  59. computers use for medium services – mini computers.
  60. Primary memory as compared to secondary memory is — fast.
  61. One day PM of Finland was – Aava murtu.
  62. After battle of Plessey English get rule on which state – Bengal.
  63. Devices used for backup are floppy disk, hard disk, tapes and usb devices.
  64. مرثیہ   جمع ہے۔ مرثی کی۔
  65. ٹائیں ٹائیں فش کا مطلب – زبانی جمع  خرچ نتیجہ صفر۔
  66.  Hazrat Moosa A.S ki parwarish mnfatah bin umais Sani kay ghar ma hovi.
  67. یہودیوں کا خیال تھا کہ وہ کچھ دن رہیں گئے
  68. Faiz ka mukamal nam kiya tha — faiz ahmad faiz.
  69.  بنو قریظہ،بنو قنیقاع،بنو نظیر مدینہ کے اطراف میں آباد تھے۔
  70. مشتاق احمد یوسفی مزاح نگار تھے۔۔
  71. لاہور کا جغرافیہ پطرس بخاری۔
  72. پطرس بخاری مزاح نکاری۔
  73. پوری مجلس غم و الم میں ڈوب گئی۔
  74. حضرت جبرائیل کی مخالفت یہودیوں نے کی۔
  75. پاکیزہ بیوی نعمت ہے ایل جنت کی۔
  76. توبتہ انصوح ناول ہے نذیر احمد۔

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