punjab police Constable written test solved paper-pakjobslatest

Punjab police Constable written test solved paper held on 13 march 2022-pakjobslatest

Punjab-police-constable-test solved-pakjobslatest

We have solved the Punjab police constable MCQs paper. you can also download the pdf file of all MCQs from the link given at the end of this post.

Punjab police constable test solved

1. This is an Old fashioned hat. the underlined part of the sentence is :

Answer: Noun Phrase

2. He bore a banner with a strange device. The underlined part of the sentence is:

Answer: Adjective phrase

3. If they are busy people, They will miss the news. The Given Sentence is a kind of Sentence.

Answer: First Conditional

4. You may go home as soon as your work is done. The given sentence is an example of:

Answer: Complex Sentence

5. It rained for three days and the street in my neighborhood were flooded. the given sentence is an example of:

Answer: Simple sentence

6. The Flame of the candle was moving and waving in the air. the underlined word gave the meaning of :

Answer: Personification

7. They would have been late, If they had not taken the taxi. The given sentence is an example of a sentence:

Answer: Third conditional

8. he decided their cases with “Justice“. the underlined word is a/an:

Answer: Abstract Noun

9. Marala Barrage has been constructed on :

Answer: Chenab River

10. The word largest Islamic country by population is:

Answer: Indonesia

11. The amendment in the constitution of 1973, Fata was Annexed to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province:

Answer: 25 amendment

12. The number of seats reserved in the national assembly for women is:

Answer: 60

13. ۔یادگا ر غالب کے مصنف ہیں

Answer: مولانا الطاف حسین حالی

14. غزالاں تم تو واقف ہوں ،کس کا شاعری مجموعہ ہے۔

Answer: ادا جعفری

15. ہم اسے دل سے برا تو نہیں کہتے،کہ فراق

کہ دوست تیرا ہے ،مگر آدمی اچھا نہیں

Answer: مقطع

16. ایسی کہانی جس میں زندگی کے کسی ایک پہلو یا کردار کو پیش کیا جاتا ہے،کہلاتی ہے۔

Answer: افسانہ

17. غیر معین شخص کے لئے بولے جانے والے الفاظ کہلاتے ہیں

Answer: اسم تفکیر

18. مترادف الفاظ کی درست فہرست ہے۔

Answer: رغبت ،شوق

19. فرقہ کی جمع ہے۔

Answer: مفروق

20. درست تلفظ کی نشان دہی کرئے۔

Answer: اشتھار

21. The holy Prophet declared “Khatam-un-nabiyeen” in surah.

Answer: Al-Ahzaab

22. To take a bath on the day of eid is:

Answer: Necessary

23. The holy Prophet said that cleanliness is a part of :

Answer: Faith

24. Basically Booty is the right of:

Answer: Allah Almighty and his prophet.

25. There are verses in Surah Al-Ahzaab:

Answer: 73

26. The literal meaning of شر الدواب?

Answer: wild animals

27. The bribe taker is called:

Answer: المرتشی

28. The holy Quran is revealed in about :

Answer: 23 years

Download the pdf file of all Punjab police solved MCQs from the link given below:

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